Coretelligent Named Top Managed Service Provider For The Second Time

For the second time in a row ,Coretelligent is at top again. Edmonton IT Services Provider, which is a leading provider of comprehensive managed IT and private cloud service has made a special announcement that it was named the top managed service provider on MSPMentor 501 list of Pentagon Technology. This is not the first time Coretelligent has appeared on the list. The same thing happened last year amidst stiff competition from other managed IT and private cloud service companies. Contelligent has been ranked at number 21 on tier 1 total service provider and number 106 on MSP 501 list of managed service provider.

 Managed Service Provider

The CEO and founder of Coretelligent Kevin Routhier said that they were honoured to be ranked on MSP 501 list of 2016. He added that propriety platforms of Coretelligent such as CoreBDR and CoreCloud differentiate the transformation in the present MSP market which has become crowded. Kevin Routhier continued that the award was a validation of their excellent leadership in the industry.

The MSP 501 is a prestigious list in the world which ranks the leading Managed Service Provider companies. Any company that appears on the list usually feels honoured. It is also an indicator that it provides excellent managed service providers to clients to their satisfaction. Many MSPs strive to feature on the list but only the selected few that satisfy the MSP 501 requirements qualify to appear on the prestigious MSP 501 list.

The list is based on data which is collected Clarity Channel advisors as well as MSPMentor. Ranking is usually determined by several factors which include growth, recurring revenue and more.

Apart from being ranked on MSP501 list, managed service providers are normally given a TSP score. This makes it possible to measure their ability based on productivity and service revenue. Service providers are usually classified into four categories which are commonly referred to as tiers. Those in tier 1 are considered to be the best when compared to service providers in the lower tiers. This implies that their leadership in both cloud and managed service provider is efficient.

MSPMentor Editor in chief Mr Adrin Brown congragulated Contelligent for its remarkable recognition in the prestigious MSP 501 list. He pointed out that managed service provider was rapidly evolving. He added that all the companies which showcased on MSP 501 list of the year 2016 represented the most innovative, agile and flexible organizations in Information Technology industry.

As a leading provider of managed IT and cloud service, Contelligent has continued to help corporations expand while also enabling growth of business. This remarkable company was established in 2006. It is under the leadership of some of the best experts in IT industry. This is one of the main reasons why it has always continued to stay on top. Its main services include CoreCloud, 360 Support, CoreBDR and Managed IT. These services are heavily relied on by organizations that provide education, finance, technology and more services. The company team is also recognised as industry leaders by the reputable Boston Business Journal.This implies that its ranking in MSP 501 list did not come as a surprise. It deserves to be there.

Mindshark: Services for success

In the current era, success in business is parallel to the embracement and adaptation of modern technology. Without having a hand on latest trends and practices, survival in the fierce competitive business world becomes almost impossible. From an IT perspective, there are much to take care of. From a modern responsive website, to proper SEO, to measuring social media, setting up for success can be quite intimidating. But you don’t have to face all these alone. With our wide range of solutions, Mindshark Marketing is more than capable of providing you with customized specific to over 360 solutions.

Services for Success

Here at Mindshark Marketing, we pride at being the best at what we do. We offer you a range of IT services to seek from, SEO Bundles, Web Development, Social Media Optimization and Reputation Management. We cover everything from back end tweaking for high ranking to securing your online identity and brand image.

Our SEO bundles are services dedicated to make your business visible in popular search engines. High ranking doesn’t have to be expensive, if you know what you are doing. We will dive deep into understanding your business and your customers, identify the right keywords and help your business rise up in rank cost effectively. We follow fair and modern practices to ensure compliance policies and strike high page scores in Google. Using authentic contents and not abusing quantity, we can guarantee you that your customer will find your business more visible, simpler to find and easier to find.

We also offer web development service to revamp or recreate your existing website. Developing a website is a lot more than just putting up codes and designs. We conduct thorough business analysis, competitor website analysis, and consumer analysis to take every relevant aspect into consideration. Ultimately, we bring the perfect website solution, with fulling optimized tags, meta descriptions, designs and features.

Social medias are a daily part of your consumer’s life and it’s time that your show your presence to them. At Mindshark Marketing, we will take responsibility of setting up your social media channels and strategies. With thorough understanding and analysis of your customers and their behaviors, we will make your business reach out to the right people, at the right place and the right time.

With great technology comes great risk, and such is the way the world works. That means, while embracing technology you business reacher out a greater audience, it is also increasingly becoming more exposed to spams and false negative branding. Unethical reviews sites and customers are putting the entire reputations of your business at harm’s way without even any proper justification. To solve all these and to secure your brand image, we offer reputation management service we can help you to take actions based on sources and importance. From remove negative comments and contents to launching lawsuits, we can take care of matter of any extent.

Still worried? Well what are you waiting for? With customized solutions and good pricing, we are just awaiting eagerly to help you out.

Toronto Security: Tips For Securing Sensitive Data

toronto security

Today’s criminals have stepped up their game. In response to various new technologies that severely limit their ability to gain unauthorized access, many of them have taken their trade to cyberspace. They found that cyber crimes do not expose them so much to physical danger while still being very lucrative, so long as they don’t get caught. And there are so many cybercriminals that some cities have formed special squads of IT experts to track them down. This site features news stories about data security breaches. Toronto security companies are now scrambling to stay on top of their game to keep their clients’ data secure. But there are lots of things a company can do to help make it hard for cyber crooks to gain access.

Tips For Securing Sensitive Data

In Toronto security measures designed to protect valuable data is finally getting the attention it deserves. Here are some tips for effectively securing your most sensitive data, some of which only involve a little common sense:

  1. Identify and classify your data and IT resources. You need to make a classification of each piece of network resource and properly classify them. This way you can effectively limit the granting of access to only those people who really need them.

  2. Draft a set of access rules based on best practice advice of your system administrator or through the help of cyber security professionals. You need to properly plan the involved procedures, and make sure they are implemented. You many also need to do follow-up checks to ensure compliance and apply any necessary corrective measures.

  3. Implement a robust access control procedure that uses a combination of passwords, pass keys, and even biometric readers for permissions verification. This allows you also to easily keep logs of people who have accessed each IT resource; this is important for investigations and process improvement purposes.

  4. Make sure your data is backed up periodically. It is advisable to back up to an offsite location. The frequency of back up depends upon your company’s particular requirements. The advice of IT security experts is back-up of modified files every day and a full back-up every week as a minimum. Also keep all your software up to date.

  5. Install Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) software. In companies where there are lots of really sensitive or valuable data, it is wise to have SIEM software monitoring for and reporting any suspicious activity 24/7. This adds an extra layer of protection for your valuable data.

  6. Do not forget physical security. For your data to be truly safe, you need to adequately protect them from fires, natural disasters, theft and even just power outages.

  7. Control removable media storage devices and smart phones. Limit the use of removable storage and do not allow personal storage devices onto company premises. Mobile devices should not be allowed onto the network unless they ask for device-specific permission and then only based on need.

To keep your data more secure, effective screening protocols should also be implemented at the front office to prevent crooks from entering through the front door. A large section of data breaches are caused by a company’s own employees.

Military Touch Screen – Designed For Rugged Conditions

military touch screen

Nowadays touch screens are associated with smart phones, computers, kiosks, and innovative modes of advertising. After all, there are very few of us who have not encountered smart phones, ATM’s, POS terminals, and way finding screens. But did you know that the first interactive screen was likely a military touch screen? Many historians attribute the first ever touch screen as the invention of one E. A. Johnson who worked for the Royal Radar Establishment in Malvern, UK between 1965 and 1967. It was based on capacitive touch technology, and was developed for use primarily on air traffic control. This site contains a short description of the history of touch screens.

Since that time many other types of touch technologies have been developed and utilized; and yes, they are everywhere. What common people like us don’t get to see firsthand is how these screens have been adapted for military use.

Forms Of Military Touch Screen

Since many military vehicles are equipped with radar, it is not a far stretch to say these are among the first uses of touch screens for military purposes. However, as more types of touch technologies are available at much more affordable prices, the use of touch screens have gained wider acceptance even in warfare.

There are lots of handheld devices and computers with touch technology which have found use in monitoring and coordinating the various units in battle. Surveillance drones, for example, can send video feeds through touch screens issued to ground forces. In some cases even satellite feeds can be viewed. And of course artillery, air support and naval support can do a much better job when they know where each other are.

If touch screens are able to provide considerable improvements to business presentations and training methods, the same improvements can be achieved when they are used for military training. Why use old military maps, when the same can be loaded onto an interactive screen which can also contain related data? Even in war colleges, a touch screen can be an instructor’s most able assistant.

Special Requirements For Military Touch Screens Used In The Field

Soldiers sometimes work in the most extreme conditions; battlefields can be very cold, or very hot, humid, wet, muddy, noisy and literally earth-shaking. It goes without saying that the equipment they carry into battle should be able to work under the same harsh conditions; that includes military touch screens grunts take with them.

To be able to survive those conditions, touch screens soldiers use in the field have to comply with quite a few military specifications. Screens have to be shatter resistant and tightly sealed to resist moisture and humidity. They should be able to demonstrate the ability to work in extreme temperatures, as well as resist dust intrusion. The touch screens should not be too sensitive to dirt and other surface contaminants, and many feature anti-glare technology, backlighting and limited viewing angle for privacy purposes.

When used in the field, opposing forces are expected to try to disrupt all forms of communication. This is why military touch screens’ components have shielding which protects them from EMI and RFI; they are also protected from signal jamming devices.